Creative kidz is not like any other expensive day care or a preschool. We believe in mentoring kidz creativity to a level where they actual understand their own strengths and facts which will boost them to success. From infant to toddler to preschool and beyond, we uphold endless cooperation and communication with you in order to prepare your kid for social and academic accomplishment.


Meal time at our school is more than just developing healthy eating habits. It is about developing social skills, interacting with others and developing good table manners. While your kid participates in this social atmosphere, they are provided with the opportunity to practice cooperation and respect. We collaborate with you regarding every aspect of your kid’s development, including your family’s food values and your kid’s daily nutritional intake. Whether your infant receives bottled breast milk or your five-year-old has food allergies or a dietary restriction, we will work with you and your family to determine a healthy meal plan.


Parenting in today’s world is becoming increasingly complicated and difficult. With the nuclear family concept we seldom have an elderly & experienced person around whom we could seek advice & suggestions to. We help you by offering the best childhood preparation. We actively collaborate with you in the process of raising your child aligned with your vision. We develop plans designed to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.


Creative Kidz focuses on quality childcare and our teachers/staff is here for you every day. We ensure a healthy, clean & safe environment for your kidz. The best traits of quality can be consistently seen in everything we do & everything your child receives.


Our School teachers know the importance of healthy communication. We inform & discuss with you about your child’s daily care & activities from time-to-time. We achieve an unhindered & effective communication by providing the child’s activity report to the parents every day. Family-teacher conferences are scheduled regularly throughout the year to better the communication further.
We give kidz an environment that offers no comparison, no judgment, no expectations & no assessment. Just loads of mental and emotional SPACE to grow. Each one of us can learn anything – just not the same day, just not the same way. Instead of we giving you aim to choose us, you can have a trial with us. If you find brilliant pre-school than us then please go ahead. We are here to spread big smiles on little feet & will continue to do so.