We have N number of enrichment classes at our centers below given are some of them. you can get in touch with our center head and get the details of the enrichment classes available.



Is your child a mover and a shaker? CreativeKidz Dance Academy offers the perfect program to harness all their toe-tapping energy! Your child is introduced to ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling and hip-hop techniques, while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement.


Recent studies have shown that the brain is the most receptive to learning a second language before the age of ten. Now is the best time for your child to become bilingual! Hindi is the second most spoken language in India. Learning Hindi at an early age will benefit your child well into their future. Want more advantages for your child, National Language is the key!


Is your child a Techno Kid? Children today are born into a world of technology. Tablets, smart phones, computers and the Internet put the world at their fingertips. CreativeKidz Techno Kids program will give your child the tools they need to thrive in an ever advancing world by helping your child learn key skills that will benefit them for years to come!


Your child is a superstar in the making! Some of today’s biggest stars began their careers as children. Create a Star! will tap into your child’s special talents and help them be comfortable in front of an audience. Self- esteem and confidence will be enhanced through participation in performing arts, music, acting, and creative expression. These are just a few of the skills your child will develop. Give your child an early start for their future fame!

Brain Development with A3-Awareness, Ability & Attitude There are three things every child needs to excel in their life Awareness- Knowledge about her/him- self, the world and the Science Ability- Essential skills like language, math, art, and technology! Attitude- Good Human Values, Emotional Intelligence and a positive mindset Enrol now for this enrichment program.


Cine Magic is recognised for its ability to engage with young people, to stimulate discussion on film, film genre and social issues, and to provide opportunities to learn from leading film and television professionals. Cine Magic delivers annual education programmes throughout the year specially designed for nursery, primary and post-primary school kidz. The Cine Magic education provides young people with practical opportunities that range from viewing world cinema, learning about film programming, understanding film classification and using new media technologies